At every stage of career, “Sharpening the saw” matters. There are different dilemmas at different stages of career as depicted below. The higher one climbs the ladder the greater is the challenge of being excellent, being consistently excellent …

We offer training in the following specialty ...

We offer training in the following specialty …

Life skills training

Behavioural change, leadership, managerial effectiveness training

Sales training

Attitudinal synergy building

FAQs : Frequently asked questions :

1. What is assessment based training …

Many a times the subjects of training emerge from feedback during performance appraisal session. When employees’ developmental gaps are measured at function or organizational level, some themes emerge that help you decide learning focus, for example : Communication skills, Personality development and executive grooming, managing teams, becoming an emotionally intelligent manager etc.

Assessments, especially psychometric testing gives an insight into competence gaps at individual and group level. This enables organizations plan developmental opportunities, as well help trainers focus on content development and choosing effective methods of training delivery. At the end of the training, trainer is able to give detailed feedback about the participants, give ideas to management as to how to take forward the learning, what can be done beyond formal training inputs so that the learning can be sustained.

We are experts in assessments plus giving research / data based inferences that help organizations take their HRD agenda forward. At times we begin with training / developmental gap analysis by conducting full spectrum assessment / development centre, arrive at gaps and priorities, feedback to participants, developing IDPs (Individual Development Plans, also called PIP – Performance Improvement Plan), prepare training calendar, execute the same, establish ROI on training. In fact this expertise is our major differentiation as well.

2. What is your differentiation in the training arena ? What is in it for the client hire your services ?

The following graphic will answer your question :

That’s why our clients fondly use adjectives like …





3. What are some of your popular programs ?

Pl. find a list of sample training themes attached. However some of most celebrated and opted themes are …
1) Personal Mastery programs encompassing : Personal and interpersonal effectiveness, emotional intelligence, Building self awareness and enhancing self management etc.
2) Team Mastery programs : Synergy building, Teaming and interpersonal collaboration, Conflict management, Relationship management skills on professional and personal front, leading and motivating teams, managing meeting and interpersonal dynamics in decision making etc.
3) Performance Mastery programs : Managerial effectiveness, goal communication and goal achievement through teams, assertiveness skills, art of crucial conversation, Receiving & giving feedback, persuasion and influencing skills, problem solving and decision making, Execution skills etc.

4. What is your standard protocol in handling training assignment ?

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