Consulting in Strategic HR

The subject of Human Resource Development deals with improving performance and ability at Individual, team and organizational level.

We at The Mentors & Enablers are wedded to the cause of Human Resource and Organization Development. It was envisioned to enable individuals and organizations unleash their fuller potentials and reach greater heights of excellence. We enjoy satisfaction of contributing to the lives of thousands of individuals and business results of hundreds of organizations through training and consulting in critical / core HRD areas. Dedicated to ethical business practices and interactions, we have earned our reputation as chosen partner in HRD & OD solutions.

We offer Consulting in the following areas …

….. That’s why our clients compliment and recommend us with adjectives like “Responsive, Insightful, Remedial” !!

FAQs : Frequently asked questions :

1. You are not into recruitment services. How do you then contribute in enhancing Quality of Hire ?

Yes, we do not offer recruitment / placement services. Our niche is in enhancing the quality of hire. We do the following …
1. Structuring of organization – levelling / layering / gradations / refine existing structure as needed.
2. Defining / redefining Job descriptions and critical performance metrics. This makes the job search easy for client’s recruitment partner
3. Pre Recruitment fitment scan an recommendations to ensure that the candidate is a good fit for the job / role (Our assessment solutions range from non management to top management level). We have 80 + clients who regularly use our pre-recruitment fitness assessments.
4. Training of line managers in enhancing interviewing skills, specially Behavioural Event Interview / Competence Based Interviewing (BEI / CBI)
5. Conducting Assessment centre at the stage of recruitment – offer recommendations

2. How do you plan your OD assignments?

Many a times OD assignments may start with a diagnostic survey or a training program. When the experiences are shared as developmental gaps with the client, it opens a new vista for the client. The client is able to appreciate how addressing HR matters can solve business problems. We take up from there when the client is willing and is ready to introduce the changes.

3. How do you ensure the success of OD initiatives ?

OD initiatives requires excellence on three counts :
1) The consultants should be subject matter experts, should be able to pinpoint the pain areas for redressal, should be skilful in managing resistance
2) Management should be committed to introduce and go through the change phase, having clarity that things will be upsetting, people will resist and the process will be tough.
3) Managers / critical mass in the organization supports the change process – takes ownership in facilitating the change – Our experience says that first two conditions when are met, getting line managers’ buy in is comparatively easy. We become partners in the process, rolling up sleeves and working hand in hand with managerial fraternity of the organization. When intentions precede the method, people are able to see through the process, then trust develops faster and lasts longer.

4. Tell us more about your performance management solutions …

The fact that employers release employee salary month after month is actually payment against attendance and not performance. Surprising ??!! Yes, you have understood it right. The need for robust performance management system arises from the fact that expectations / deliverables from employees need to be defined, explained, mutually agreed, its alignment with company’s performance has to be acknowledged, reviewed periodically, realigned to suit business needs, resources to be provided to facilitate performance, finally the performance be acknowledged and rewarded. It is a joint venture of line departments and HR to facilitate business growth.
We support clients this way …

5. How do you handle Mentoring assignments ? what is your process of handling assignments related to establishing / streamlining Mentoring system ? what is the duration of mentoring process ?

Depending upon the client requirements and the phase of Mentoring project, we offer our expertise.
However when we need to establish end to end Mentoring project, here is a typical method of system establishment :

Mentoring process (end to end) generally takes about 1.5 to 2 years to complete the full cycle. If our engagement is for a particular phase, we work accordingly.
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