Sales Assessment.

Sales Capability Assessment (SCA)From The World Leader of behavioural assessment system – Extended DISC International, having headquarters in Finland Europe, having offices in 60 plus countries with India operations in 2010. Sales Capability Assessment was introduced in India in May 2018 and ever since then it is one of the most sought after assessment in the sales arena.

Sales Capability Assessment works on the basic premise that besides having a great product and great price, success in sales highly depends on the effectiveness of a sales person.

Sales person’s effectiveness can be defined by his behavior, mindset and his competencies. SCA is a unique diagnostic tool for sales persons. It defines their strengths and developmental areas and also matches candidates to specific types of sales processes used in a given company.

The model, designed in consultation with one of the most prestigious and largest organization engaged in developing sales competencies, has been developed containing 18 competencies that strongly influence sales effectiveness.

• Individual reports indicate competences to be developed and generate development tips dedicated for a particular individual for each of the 18 analyzed competences.
• The innovative SCA questionnaire contains 99 forced choice questions, taking 25 minutes to complete the online assessment. The results presented in the report reflect to high degree of real behaviors in sales.
• Those with atleast three months of sales experience qualify to appear for the assessment.
• The questionnaire is available in Hindi as well as English, the report is delivered in English.
• It gives direction as to where to focus for success with training / coaching support.

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