Social Responsibility Endeavors

This sector is wedded to the social cause ie:

  • Help the society at large benefit from developing life and living related management skills
  • Promote the principles of management discipline that percolate through people’s lives, relationships, healthy and stress free, meaningful and satisfying living

These services include programs / interventions in the following areas :

  • Programs & Interventions for Family & Marital harmony
  • Programs on Enhancing marital compatibility– working with couples for “Match Making” – Premarital compatibility diagnosis and counselling for “would be” couples- We support couples having Marital Compatibility Scan using some of the world class instruements. We are proud to say that the Marital Compatibility Scan and post scan counseling sessions have saved a few couples from choosing divorce as an option
  • Enhancing relationship compatibility – working with parents (couples) and children together
  • Understanding and managing stress

Services for Education Sector

  • We are committed to impact nation building focusing on education sector by enhancing teachers excellence. We have special training cum behavioral change module called "Transiting From Good to Great Teachers". This initiative in the form of training focuses on enhancing effectiveness of teachers – better team compatibility among teacher's team, curriculum administration, matching curriculum delivery with personality profiles of students.
  • Selection fitness clinic for career aspirant young adults – It includes “Mock Assessment center” experience for Management / engineering students in their last semester before they actually appear for campus recruitment
  • Career selection and career management insights for graduates / post graduates

Management Training & Interventions for NGO Sector

  • We offer enabling and capability building consulting services to Non Governmental organizations (NGOs) wedded to social causes in the following areas
  • Establishing Performance Management & Review system : Performance Planning, Goal Setting, performance review and feedback system for NGO Functionaries
  • Enhancing managerial competencies and capabilities of NGO functionaries, specially those in Board of Directors / Promoters / Managing Trustee / / Chief Operating Officers / Executive & Managing Council’s position
  • Enhancing Personal and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Teaming with various “Personality Types & Temperaments” while delivering social welfare programs
  • Special Management Developmental inputs to Academic Institutions / Not for profit hospitals & medical services organizations / hospitals
  • Management Development support and inputs for entrepreneurship development for Small and Medium scale entrepreneurs (SMEs)

Career mapping and Educational counseling services also have their roots in social responsibility

We extended services for Career guidance to corporates for their employees to strengthen and improve employee relationships. These inputs were so very well received and appreciated that the success motivated us to extend our services to individuals and families, not restricting only to corporate employees.

We have therefore set up an exclusive Career Mapping and Guidance center. The center is well equipped using specially designed psychometrics for young persons at cross roads in their teens, appearing for board exams and are at the cross roads for their career.

We are committed to bridge the gap between availability of professionally and ethically managed psychometrics services vs. awareness of people at large as well general awareness about need for such services and how to avail the same.

Our career mapping and guidance services include

  • IQ Testing
  • Mapping Interest and Aptitude of the student
  • Mapping Adjustment pattern of the student (Social, Family, Emotional and Educational Adjustment) – some times scholastic backwardness and academic poor performance is only a symptom. It is important to understand the root causes and address issues leading to such symptoms.
  • Mapping study habits – guiding parents and the student about the strengths and weaknesses of the study habits and how to improve
  • Special test/s for mapping aptitude for science related career
  • Mapping personality and motivational level of students – guidance with respect to career match suiting once personality, interests, aptitude, motivational levels etc.
  • Career Guidance Services on line : This answers the most nagging and pertinent question of young people at cross roads after their Xth & XIIth grade : what am I best suited to do ...