Strategic HR – Organization Development related consulting

  • Devising appropriate Competency model suitable to the client’s needs
  • Mapping competencies based on competency model
  • Conducting / administering assessment center for various purposes – Recruitment, Career Advancement, Succession Planning, Training Needs Analysis / Identifying Developmental Gaps
  • Post assessment individual feedback and counseling

Setting up Mentoring & Coaching systems :

  • Conceptualizing, designing, executing mentoring programs for Management Trainees / Graduate Engineer trainees
  • Assisting organizations identifying prospective Mentors
  • Training (incl. Refresher training) of Mentors to facilitate mentoring process
  • Facilitate periodical review of effectiveness of the existing mentoring program
  • Individual feedback and counseling services for the Mentors and Mentees
  • “Developing Mentor's Mentors” – Special developmental inputs for senior management teammates to drive mentoring system
  • Mentoring HR teammates of the respective organization to independently handle the process with passage of time

End to End training solutions including Outsourcing of Training Function

Conducting Training Needs Analysis using various diagnostic tools, arriving at key training themes and deliverables, Planning training calendar and events, Pre Launch test training for validation and Mega Application, Train the Trainers (internal and external), Execute actual Training Events, Administer training function, provide participant's feedback, perceptions and opinions to the Top Management, measuring Training Impact and return on developmental efforts (Please also see details under Training Services)

Designing Induction system / programs for Management Trainees (MTs) / Graduate Engineer Trainees (GETs) / Diploma Engineer Trainees (DETs)

providing counseling services to facilitate retention of MTs / GETs & help them cope up work place adjustment related issues

Strengthening Performance Management System & processes

  • Establishing / Accelerating / Driving Performance Management Systems
  • Defining Key Result Areas (KRAs) / Key Performance Areas (KPAs) and Key Performance indicators (KPIs) for critical positions
  • Training of Appraisers and Reviewers on conducting effective PRDs (Performance Review Discussions) - Training Team leaders for Performance Measurement, Review & Feedback
  • Practice based sessions for Appraisers on handling negative feedback, confrontative counseling
  • Defining, designing, communicating, implementing Service Level Agreements (SLAs), linking achieving Service Level
  • Agreements to Rewards

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Diagnosing & Conducting Retention Needs Analysis / Diagnostic studies on “Attrition”, suggesting developmental plans for retention

Recruitment system, Compensation & Benefits Administration system, Performance & Reward Management system, Induction system, HR policy administration and its effectiveness etc. – suggesting methods of enhancing effectiveness of HR systems for manufacturing / services / sales / Dealership organizations

Assisting Small & Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) with HR Coaching

Helping SMEs in establishing HR function, systems, SOPs, Coaching the Promoters / Entrepreneurs of SMEs in benefiting the most from such change / developmental initiatives

Organizational Diagnostics and initiating change movement
Services encompass mapping employee satisfaction – Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS), Internal Customer Satisfaction index (ICS), External Customer Satisfaction Index (ECSI), Mapping Organizational Culture / Climate, Morale and Quality of Work Life studies, Organizational Health Surveys etc. using various techniques

Employee profiling services to facilitate create better team spirit, enhance work place adjustments and personal productivity

This also helps in identifying competency gaps and working out plans for competency building

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Candidate profiling services

Profiling candidates for senior management recruitment – ensuring cultural fit while selecting senior / top management talents

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Senior Management Team Synergy and effectiveness enhancement