Human Resource function is bestowed with the responsibility of Talent Acquisition and Talent Management. It means assessing the right fit for the job at the time of recruitment, promotion, HiPo identification, leadership pipeline building, finding about developmental gaps for career advancement and grooming future leaders etc. etc. is important for human resource functionaries.

Our assessments and profiling solutions ease HR functionaries worries of selecting right person in an objective, authentic, reliable manner. This specialised services from us enables HR to serve their line partners to keep focusing on their core responsibilities and ensure uninterrupted supply of talented manpower.

Diagnostic studies in Human Resource area help …

a) Feel the pulse of people in the organization
b) Check how customers relate to the organization
c) Map the health of the organization
d) Understand employees’ engagement and satisfaction level, factors that hurt and help the organization…

We offer psychometric assessments for various levels in the organizational hierarchy – from blue collared to top management including assessments for promoters.

The variety of assessments can be used for

a) Various functions / speciality / position vs. job man fitment
b) Identifying HiPo
c) Defining developmental gaps
d) Succession Planning
e) Building leadership pipeline

Development / Assessments Centre solutions :

We offer complete solutions for diagnosis, running full fledged assessments / development centres, assist organizations with people strategies that can support business strategies.

The end to end assessment and talent mapping initiatives are followed by management summary, strength scan discussions. This sets direction for organization’s learning and development agenda.

One to one briefing with the participants are followed by IDPs (Individual Development plans, also called Personal Development Plans). Depending upon need, we partner for training plan execution, coaching initiatives etc.

Our clients invariably find diagnostics / assessment findings powerful in getting in touch with ground realities, get insights into action points, decide direction of change that can align HR matters with business priorities.