Assessments & Profiling can be a solution for you to ….

  • Weed out candidates with the wrong attitudes or poor work ethics
  • Predict team compatibility, conflict management style, approaches to decision making & problem-solving so as to help him/her adjust better to the environment
  • Understand individual stressors that impact his / her productivity
  • Profiling applications can be insightful and remedial.

    You will be happy to know that we can support you in the business challenges in the above areas through our assessment & profiling services…

Extended DISC :

Offers –    Individuals, work pairs, teams & organizations profiles.

Used for – Higher level management recruitment / potential assessment / succession planning  / developmental gap analysis / leadership  style profiling / team compatibility scanning  etc…

Process – Online (Available in English, Hindi, Gujarati Marathi & Kannada) Takes just about 12-15 minutes at max – reports highlight natural self vs. adjusted self concerns, highlights environmental impacts on individual’s adaptations.

Additionally …  Extended DISC  is presently considered to be amongst the top 3 psychometric tools in the world. Originated in Finland, Europe after 20+ years of research, it operates in 60+ countries of the world. We are Strategic Business Partner with Extended DISC India engaged in ethical promotion of  assessment system and part of international practitioners network.  We are authorised to conduct Level 1 certification workshop – CEDA – Certified Extended DISC Administrator by Extended DISC India & Extended DISC International

MBTI – Myers & Brigs Type Indicator :

Offers – Individual reports – team & organizational diagnostic reports are also available.

Used for – Management Position, Mainly used for developmental purposes, not for assessments and rejection Process – Online/offline

Additional information – certified for Level 1 & 2, proficient with advanced applications of MBTI for OD

FIRO – B: B is a very popular trait test promoted by Consulting Psychological Press (CPP) – in usage since 1958.

Offers – Insights into leadership/ managerial styles / interpersonal orientation of an individual

Used for – Mid-level Management position for recruitment / TNA/ Leadership skills building/teambuilding etc.

Process – offline (available in English only)

WPS: Work Personality Scale

Indicates the scale of personal tendencies that an individual reflects. Helps measure an individual’s personality complex, so as to place /utilize in business & industry

Offers – Insights into an individual’s general adjustment pattern, his/her ability to adjust & adapt to people and situations. Offers critical insights with respect to mental health, maturity, morality,  learning ability, sincerity etc.

Used for – Operator, clerical staff, sales/ retail sales representatives (people at the base of sales organization Excellent tool for the blue-collared workforce in manufacturing, service, retail, sales organization

Process –  offline

16 Personality Factors :

Popular trait test – used extensively for recruitment/fitment assessment.

Offers – Gives an insight on 16 personality traits of an individual like Emotional Stability, Vigilance, Dominance, Reasoning and so on.

Used for – Office administrative staff, operative staff.

Process – offline

MAP –  Multiple Assessment Of Personality

Offers – Indian adaptation of 16pf, offers 20 dimensions suiting to Indian cultural context. Mainly used for recruitment and development

Used for – Clinical / Graduate Engineer Trainees, Management Trainees, Junior management positions

Process – offline.

Sales Role Fitness Scan

Offers – fitment in sales role / likely gaps in performing in the sales role / productive sales performance. Predicts success in sales role by measuring  Sales Aptitude. Effectively predicts major concerns that need attention in the present sales role.

Used for – Sales professionals like sales representatives, Medical representatives, Front end sales staff, retail sales force etc.  An excellent way to ensure that sales recruitment / potential assessment is accurate and return on sales expenses is guaranteed  with the right selection/placement

Process –  offline

FLAG – 16

Offers – Offers quick dependable insights during the assessment of talents for higher roles internally eg. Appointing first-time executives/team leaders

Used for – recruitment of Engineers, fresh graduates, fresh professionals getting in the world of work to gauge cultural integration abilities of the individual.

Process – Offline

FinxS Reasoning Analysis for Management / Critical People / Critical position holder’s Assessment :

  • A set of psychological tests designed to measure the individual’s reasoning skills
  • Typically used  for measuring a person’s future development potential, internal transfers & recruitment
  • Excellent  interpretation and information about person’s ability for critical thinking, creative problem solving , collecting, analysing and synthesising abilities for decision making

Assessment of Multiple Aptitudes & IQ testing for staff/operative group / non-management position holders

  • Differential aptitudes – numerical, verbal, spatial, mechanical, clerical, psychomotor, closure etc. are important in operating roles in a manufacturing set-up
  • The aptitude tests define proficiency for each skill set and gaps that need to be bridged. These multiple aptitudes ensure the intake of skilled and potentially groom able employees. Hence help avoid all frustrations of discovering incompetence and forced exit within a year’s time
  • Paper pencil version available. Time-bound tests ensure proficiency in high order
  • We are trained and have demonstrated high level of proficiency in interpretation and advise Multiple aptitudes & IQ testing

We are assessment and profiling experts, having more than a decade’s track record in assessments and profiling solutions. We have …

  • Profiled more than 7000 candidates for pre-hiring / recruitment fitment ‐ Have partnered with Greenfield companies for profiling solutions at senior, middle and junior management cadre, profiling for role fitment for a cross-section of industries and functions encompassing sales, operations, manufacturing, customer services and after-sales
  • Profiled more than 5000 operative level candidates as pre-recruitment fitment scan (for greenfield projects) / regularisation of contract workers. while taking them on the company’s role, serving clients by selecting shop floor teammates with positive behavioural orientation and weeding out prospects with tendencies like sociopathology, low mental health, low maturity, learning disability / low IQ etc.
  • Profiled more than 2500 professionals through the assessment /development centre
  • Facilitated Sales Fitness Scan for recruitment/promotion/performance gap & similar HR decisions in a sales function Provided Assessment solutions for Leadership profiling, identifying HiPo and building a talent ladder
  • Offered Fitment scan at entry level for Graduate Engineer Trainees / Management Trainees enabling effective utilisation of budding talents, placements suiting their creative abilities, leading to their retention & enhanced productivity.