At every stage of career, “Sharpening the saw” matters. There are different dilemmas at different stages of career as depicted below. The higher one climbs the ladder the greater is the challenge of being excellent, being consistently excellent …

We exist to add value to the discipline of HRD, to organizations and their business performance – linking aspirations and results through people strategy.

We offer training in the following specialty …

1) Assessment based training
2) Behavioural change, leadership, managerial effectiveness training
3) Attitudinal synergy building
4) Life skills training
5) Sales training

For individual participants, our training serve as a light house to address their dilemmas like Survival Dilemma, Competition Dilemma to Excellence Dilemma.

For organizations, our training serves as a pulse check plus getting solutions for their Human Resource concerns be it accepting change or competence building. Our 175 plus clients vouch for our training capabilities. we have trained more than 10,000 executives, about 100 days training per year on an average.